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Junior DIY Football Shirt Framing Kit. TWIN PACK with free personalised plaque.

  • £89.95

This Kit is the Junior DIY Football shirt framing kit, TWIN PACK

This Kit is supplied in 4 colour combinations, these are:

Black and Silver

Black and Gold

Red and White

Blue and White

You can have any of the above combinations in this twin pack simply email in the colours you want with you plaque information to the email below straight after checkout.

With regards to the free personalised plaque, email: after checkout with the words of your choice.

This will suit age shirts from 5-12

This Kit comes with 2 shirt templates so you can decide which one looks best or moreover which one fits the shirt the best. The dimensions of the 2 Busts (as we call them) are shown in the photo below.

Frame size is approx: 565mmx765mm (external measurements)

Top Tip: save £s buying a twin pack if you require 2 kits or more.

Welcome to our range of DIY shirt framing kits , Get a better look than the pros can for much much less in the comfort of your own home.

Our range of DIY shirt framing kits are famous all over the world , we sell these as far as Australia and Hong Kong , have featured on home shopping channels and even supply FIFA, Wembley Stadium and the Premier League.

It is widely accepted that out DIY kits are the best you can buy at any price and you will find examples of people using our kits all over the fans forums, so buy with confidence that you are indeed buying the best.

We supply many trade customers who have actually forged businesses framing shirts in our kits with many ordering and completing over 20 a week!!!

All kits are supplied with everything you need to frame your shirt and you can do within 30-60 minutes. No specialist tools required. Even someone that has never even opened a picture frame before will be able to achieve a professional look at a massive reduction to getting it framed elsewhere, without the hassle of posting or delivering your shirt somewhere. Finally the satisfaction of framing a shirt to a professional standard in less than an hour, our customers say is exceptionally rewarding and gives a great sense of achievement. If you are gifting the framed item, it also enhances the value and sentiment of the gift by the recipient knowing you have taken the time and effort to do yourself, rather than just pay someone to do it for you this is something that really shines through on our constant 5 star reviews for our shirt framing kits.

We have very simple tutorial videos, broken down into bite size clips that walk you through opening the box to the final one of putting the fixing cord on the back of the frame ready to hang on your wall.

The Links for the tutorial videos suitable for this kit can be found here:


Unsure what kit to buy watch this quick explainer video that describes all of our range here:





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