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Create Your Own Double Signed Shirt Display. Limited Time Only.

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So to kick start our Christmas offering, we have something very special indeed.

Get More for Less This Xmas at Kicking The Balls

Create your own double display.

You name your favorite 2 players and we will do the rest and create you a bespoke signed display. Material Shirt backs not photos and Vinyl pressed name and number set, finally signed in pen with your chosen 2 players Autograph) (robotically signed)

A custom Metal Plaque printed with your players names on and photos inserted into the display detailing the players at the teams requested.

An exceptional gift as you can get the 2 players they really want.

Be as creative as you want and our design studio and production facility will do the rest.

In the notes at checkout simply leave the name and team of the players you want.


Haaland man city and Messi Barcelona

Rush Liverpool and Beckham England

Cantona united , Beckham united.

Kane Tottenham / Kane England.

also how you write the players will be how they are displayed.

(example if you say messi Barca , Ronaldo United, Messi will be the left and ronaldo on the right, if you want them the other way around then express it as Ronaldo United , Messi Barca.)

This is a very limited offer and will only run for the next 2 weeks. Furthermore if sufficient volumes are risking production delays the deal will be ended sooner.

Dont wait get a unique Xmas gift at the cost of our std slim double displays.

measuring approx 650x 850 mm 

Hand built in the UK and constructed of professional grade framing materials.

Delivery is 10 working days 

You will receive everything you see in the picture. Ie: a finished complete display.

Returns Policy and Terms and conditions are at the bottom of the homepage.

This display contains an example of a genuine signature, all our displays are mechanically signed in pen and are not hand signed. Furthermore our displays are not official club merchandise.

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