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E.Z Frame Football Shirt Framing Kit with FREE custom plaque - large 680 x 880 mm

  • £54.99

Tutorial Videos for this EZ Kit are at the end of this listing

Welcome to the latest addition of our shirt framing kits, this we have named the E.Z frame due to the speed in which you can frame a shirt (less than 10 minutes)

Again this kit is constructed of professional grade framing studio materials

This will accommodate a multi signed team shirt or simply display more of your single signed or even unsigned shirt.

Frame size approx 680x880mm x 25 mm deep

You get a template to fold the shirt around which will suit even the most heavily signed shirts.

It comes in 4 front mount colours:

Black and Silver that is this listing here.

Red and White purchase here

Blue and White purchase here

Black and Gold purchase here

If you want a twin pack to save some money purchase here

(with the twin pack email into and tell us not only what plaque text you want but also what colour of kits you want using the above colours)

Faliure to email in to the above address will result in you receiving kit colours of our choice.

Make sure you purchase the listing that corresponds to the colour you want. There are 2x apertures within the mounts for you to insert pictures of your choice. (picture cutouts approx 140x90mm)

The dimensions of the shirt openings are in the pictures section.

Please email plaque details to immediately after purchase.

If you do not email the plaque details to the email address above you will not receive a free plaque. Sending to any other email address or as a message at checkout, through paypal is not acceptable. It must go to the above email address.

There are no limit on characters but bear in mind the plaque is credit card sized.

As seen on TV, these kits are not just for football shirts you can frame: band t-shirts, cycling jerseys, rugby shirts, your kid’s team shirt, work shirts and corporate wear, hen party wear, the list is endless. You will receive everything you need to complete the kit including instructions, it is very simple to do. You also receive the template to fold the shirt around.

The process is reversible and will not damage your shirt. We have sold these for many years now, they are considered the best in the marketplace as we use the highest level of professional framing materials , all our competitors use cheap inferior materials (we know, we have test purchased from them and have been shocked by what we have found)

A number of them offer cream core mount board , the acid in the board will ruin your shirt within a few years. We only use conservation core acid free boards in all our products.

We have also sold the diy kit on the home shopping channels so you can rest assured its a quality world class product.

All displays come with the necessary fixings and instructions to hang safely and sturdily on your wall, the display itself is made of lightweight materials and weighs approximately 3kg.

Further details of our terms of sale and contract of business with you can be found in our terms and conditions. By purchasing from this site, you are agreeing that you have read and accept all relevant information contained therein.


ez PART 1 from KickIng The Balls on Vimeo.

ez PART 2 from KickIng The Balls on Vimeo.

ez PART 3 from KickIng The Balls on Vimeo.

ex PART 4 from KickIng The Balls on Vimeo.

ez PART 5 from KickIng The Balls on Vimeo.

ez PART 6 from KickIng The Balls on Vimeo.

ez PART 7 from KickIng The Balls on Vimeo.

ez PART 8 from KickIng The Balls on Vimeo.

ez PART 9 from KickIng The Balls on Vimeo.

ez PART10 from KickIng The Balls on Vimeo.










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